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    2. Ah, yes, I think may have deciphered your question? If that is the case, I might say some parts of Great Britain, as there are some accents there that both Americans and English find hard to understand at all, even though we share a common language. As for foreigners, I agree, it really depends on the person.

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    2. it could be great, on one hand because you can learn about another country, culture, language, culture on the other hand it could be dangerous if you don't know the another person in real life so I think it has advantages and disadvantages. ☺

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    2. This is overall really good writing, I'm just going to edit it to make it flow a little better overall :-) "Affordable travelling is one of the greatest achievements nowadays. The ability to travel often gives us many treasurable experiences. We are able to see some of the most wonderful things on Earth in the flesh, such as touching the stones of ancient castles, hiking to the most beautiful places, and of course, discovering different cultures. However, travelling hasn't always been as easy as it is today. At first, it used to be incredibly difficult as most planes and ships were used for military purposes. It also wasn't easy to travel through different countries as most countries weren't equipped/set up to handle tourists. In addition, the average person would simply not be able to afford it. This is now all in the past, in our modern day we are able to travel abroad regularly. A very important fact to mention is the affect that mass tourism has on a countries environment. There is no doubt that a busy tourism industry in an area creates funds which in turn improve their environment, for example keeping the landscape clean and full of various entertainment options, which in turn creates more jobs for locals and a better economy overall. However, locals may in turn be faced with increased littering and rudeness from visitors unaccustomed to the culture. Overall, travelling has many advantages. This can be said not only in regards to foreign countries, but to our own as well. It's far easier to explore one's own country as you are able to save money and are not required to bring valuable documents. We often like to believe that we know everything about our own cultures, but in fact we hardly ever do. Travelling within your own country can be just as rewarding, exciting and educational too- while being able to invest money into your own economy. In conclusion, it is incredibly important to be able to travel. It allows us to know our world better, and, in turn, to become better people ourselves. Hope this helps! :-)

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    2. (Sorry, but I only want to ask native English speakers.) A discrimination against women still exists in Japan. We are educated as if our country is completely democratic, but Japan is actually rated lower than we expect from the world regarding the point if the counrty is democratic. Maybeー Discrimination against women still exists in Japan. We are taught that our country is completely democratic, but it is actually rated lower than we would expect regarding how democratic it is compared to the rest of the world.

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