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Q: What does spinal cracker mean?
A: There are a lot of nonsense lyrics in that song. Those two words aren't found together in any other context.
Q: What does safe cracker mean?
A: Someone who breaks into safe's
Q: What does He is gone completely crackers mean?
A: He's gone completely crackers= he's gone crazy
another way to say this is: He's gone bat-shit insane

EG: I met this guy down the street when walking to a friends party, he seemed fine until i walked back from the party. He was in the same spot staring at me and had bloodshot eyes. I reckon he's gone completely cracker and he was as he revealed a knife and started chasing me.

Hope this helps :)

(i like to use the "he's gone bat-shit insane" more then "he's gone completely crackers" :)
Q: What does Pull a cracker
A: Probably British English for the Christmas custom of "Pulling crackers at the Christmas dinner table, which contain small "fire crackers" and often small gifts. A kind of british fortune cookie, with a "bang"
Q: What does cracker boy mean?
A: Cracker boy is a slang term for a white person. (White person being the race not a pale person.)

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Q: What is the difference between cracker and biscuit ?
A: In the US a biscuit is a soft fluffy type of dough baked into a roll or ball- like bread but denser.

A cracker is flat and crunchy. It’s not sweet. You usually eat it with savory foods like soup or cheese.

In the U.K. a biscuit is sweet and crunchy like a cookie to people in the US.
Q: What is the difference between crackers and wankers ?
A: A cracker is a derogatory term for a white person.

A wanker is just a general insult for someone you don't like.

(A cracker is a kind of snack, but sometimes it's used as an insult)
Q: What is the difference between cracker and cookie ?
A: cookie = una galleta dulce; por ejemplo, con una galleta con pepitas de chocolate o glaseado
cracker = una galleta salada; por ejemplo, una galleta "Saladitas" o "Ritz"
Q: What is the difference between The crackers are made with rice bran and flour. and The crackers are made of rice bran and flour. ?
A: I think "The crackers are made of rice bran and flour." is correct.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? crackers
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: You rather eat crackers than the delicious meal I made you? does this sound natural?
A: You would rather eat crackers than the delicious meal I made you?
Q: "He ate cracker upon cracker."
"He ate cracker on top cracker."
"He ate cracker in addition to cracker."

Are these sentences correct?
A: No, they are not, and that is okay!

"He ate crackers upon crackers." is a more grammatically correct sentence. :)
Q: Would you like some crackers? does this sound natural?
A: @Nekonae: That sounds very unnatural and awkward. No native English speaker would ever say that when offering something to someone.
Q: She is crumping crackers. does this sound natural?
A: I think you mean "crumbling"

"She is crumbling crackers" is natural
Q: How do you say that the crackers can't be eaten cuz they already passed the expired date.

Does "when is the expired date?" sound natural?
A: If you can't eat them anymore, maybe something like: 'They have passed their best before date' or 'those have expired already'

And if you are asking, maybe something like: 'are these still in date?' Or 'have these expired yet?' Just to make sure (:

Hope that helps!

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