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    2. Skilled craftsmen

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    2. As a gossipy wife, I won't turn away from interesting or catchy information I see on TV. One day, I watched this TV show featuring foreign people that loved Japanese culture and dreamed about visiting Japan. There was one French guy who was really into 浮世絵. He had a lot of passion for it, and had started making it himself. He couldn't speak Japanese, but his facial expressions and genuine reactions conveyed his enthusiasm very well. In Japan, people often take those kinds of traditional arts for granted. When he was able to showcase his state of the art skills and show how deeply he respected it, even very serious master craftsmen smiled and acknowledged his appreciation for the craft. As for myself, watching the moment they built that emotional bond, I became emotional as well. It was so pure and noble that I had felt like all my ugly, dirty feelings had been washed away.

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