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    2. Pooed your self. Meaning in context they was scared or something made the jump

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    2. Yes, the first natural; the second isn't, but I like it. I'm going to start using it. 😎

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    2. 英語で動詞の「crap」がたいがい日本語で「ウンコする」の意味は近い。それで、「俺のパソコンはウンコしまった」と聞いた。もちろん、あなたのつもりじゃないでしょう。言葉の「shit」は同じです。 他の言うの方は(パソコンは非常に悪いになったら) My computer's fucked My computer's bricked 直訳でパソコンは煉瓦にして/なってしまった。ブリックす るはイギリスの俗語で意味が(電気製品は)真っ使えないになった、つまり煉瓦の使えるほどになった。それも粗言じゃない。 My computer's shat itself 全部の表現はイギリスの様子でしょう。

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    2. Yeah, "crapped out" sounds good.

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    2. "on me" is used here to indicate that something was done to me. (The computer died and did this to me!) You cannot use it on any sentence. It is casual and only used with specific casual speech. You wouldn't say The car had problems on me. But you could say The car broke down on me. Same meaning. I don't know if there are any rules to tell you when to use it. Native speakers just know. I'd suggest just listening to hear where it is used.

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