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    2. "Craps" is the name of a dice game (see picture). "Playing craps" is sometimes called "shooting craps." A "crapshoot" means to throw the dice. We use this phrase when we do something without knowing what the results will be. Very much like gambling, the results are random, and we can't predict them. "Is this restaurant good?" "I don't know, this is my first time here. It's a crapshoot, I guess." A "shot in the dark" has the same meaning. If you are pointing a gun in a dark room, and shoot it, you won't know what you hit. You might hit your target, you might not. You are firing without knowing what the results will be. "You're going to ask your boss for more money?" "Yeah, and I don't know how he will respond. He might say yes, he might say no. It's a shot in the dark."

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