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Q: What does cray mean?
A: It's slang for "crazy".
Q: What does cray mean?
A: It is a slang way of saying "crazy." Although, not many people use it anymore 🤔🤔
Q: What does cray??---ex) "don't worry, i ain't cray cray" mean?
A: @Grat: Slang for crazy. Cray on its own isn't used. Cray cray is the expression.
Q: What does That's cray. mean?
A: 使ったことない~。

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Q: Please show me example sentences with cray cray.
A: "Cray cray" is a slang way of saying "crazy" (you never use it in a formal setting).
That boy just embarrassed himself in front of the whole school; he's cray cray.
People who think not washing your hands after using the bathroom is okay are cray cray.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? what does ‘cray cray in a good way’ mean?
A: meaning you're a crazy kind of fun

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Q: Not cray baby does this sound natural?
A: "Do not cry baby."

"Don't cry baby."

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