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    2. A crony is sort of a negative way to say friend, or someone who spends a lot of time around who you’re talking about. but you normally use it when you talk about someone you don’t like. Example: Tom and his cronies are really making me mad today.

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    2. thanks! I just run into the word "cronyism" and I thought it could come from it, but I guess not 😂

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    2. After the long and extremely excruciating midterms week, (both) mentally (and) physically, I am utterly enervated and ravaged. That's when I heard that the long weekend is ahead! Still not up for anything , I am wandering on the corridor of school dorm, trying to figure out where to spend my holidays. Just then (,)one of my cronies reached me saying(,)"Let's go to Disneyland, CA(.)" I accepted the invitation with no hesitation in a mood of levitation. We subsequently proceeded to discuss our route. It's going to be a 5 day trip, and I'll bring my puppy, Choucroute, along with us. We've all agreed on shopping the (entire) 5 days.We're also going a lot of places ensuing Disneyland, such as Hollywood. Amidst all the places we're going, the highlight is definitely on La Jolla Cove beach. I heard that the picturesque view is (so)enchanting that (it) will make you leave all your stress) behind. Last but not least, we're so gonna hit on the hot guys there, which I'm pretty sure is gonna be a lot of fun.

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    2. First of all, I can't help but wonder if she has vision problems- she ignored all the red lights. While she was rushing down the road, my heart was racing, my pulse was pounding, and perspiration was trickling down my face. She doesn't care about the lives of the pedestrians, and she drives so fast that I can't even see the scenery. She's my friend(Americans don't really use the word crony this way), but I never want to get in her car again.

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