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Q: What does crotch mean?
A: It’s the part of your body between your legs
Q: What does It was like a crotch tourniquet mean?
A: I have never heard of a crotch tourniquet. Do you mean the thing that athlete's wear over their groin so they don't get hit in a sensitive area? maybe a groin cup.
Q: What does "crotch" mean?

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Q: What is the difference between crotch and crouch and in the pronounciation please pronounce them cause I don't find the difference. ?
A: like that?
Q: What is the difference between crotch and groin ?
A: Crotch is the slang term. Groin is the more formal and medical term

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Q: "entitled crotch goblin" "entitled bitch"などのentitledにはどのような意味がありますか
A: In general, "to be entitled to ~" means "to have the right to ~"

When "entitled" is used this way (in a pejorative manner), the meaning is that someone thinks they have the right to something, when in reality they don't.
Q: "I was injured when I got crotched by him"

What does it mean "crotch" in this case? Is it like a slang?
A: I have never seen “crotch” used in this context because it is not really a slang term. Crotch is just a noun defined as the area between the legs.
Q: He has a sore crotch.

does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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