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Q: What does cuddly mean?
A: A person who loves to snuggle and cuddle! This a person (or animal) that loves touching and affection —hugs, sleeping curled up in the arms of a loved one, etc.
Q: What does he's cuddly mean?
A: He's huggable. 😉
Q: What does cuddly mean?
A: soft, endearing, cute, nice to cuddle which is to hold close in someone's arms in a way of showing love/affection

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Q: Please show me example sentences with cuddly.
A: I love sleeping on my giant, fluffy, soft, cuddly Totoro doll.

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Q: What is the difference between cuddly and adorable ?
A: Cuddly is something that feels soft and squashy
Eg "you are so cuddly" ( when you hug someone/something)
Adorable is anything that looks really cute and almost child like
Eg. "You are so adorable!" (Could say to a child or someone doing something cute)

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