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    2. soft, endearing, cute, nice to cuddle which is to hold close in someone's arms in a way of showing love/affection sorry if you already knew what cuddle means

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    2. He's huggable. 😉

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    2. I am feeling very cuddly tonight My dog is a cuddly pet When it is winter time, I feel more cuddly than usual

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    2. When I hear puppet, I imagine some sort of doll attached to strings that someone is controlling. A puppet can also mean someone who is being manipulated/used by someone else. A plush doll sounds like any sort of soft doll that you might put on your bed/play with. A plush "doll" specifically sounds like it's in the style of a human (人の形). A more general term that I hear all the time is "plushie". A plushie can be in the form of any kind of animal or human, or anything really. You may also hear this called a "plush toy", or if it's in the shape of an animal, it's sometimes called a "stuffed animal" :) A cuddly sounds like any kind of soft plushie/stuffed animal that you can cuddle with, and is most likely very cute looking.

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