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Q: What does cultivates mean?
A: kheti badi
Q: What does cultivating mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does cultivate mean?
A: It has a few meanings. What is the context?

Cultivate can mean:
Growing crops/plants, preparing soil for planting crops/plants, produce something in a culture (biology), promote the growth/development of something (cultivate friendship, love, etc.), or refining/improving something like a skill.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with cultivating and cultivated?.
A: cultivation of land is the main job of farmers,,,. I have cultivated my barren land.
cultivation is noun,,,,cultivated is past form of verb cultivate,,,,, and can be adjective also
Q: Please show me example sentences with cultivate.
A: I cutlivate my mind by reading.

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Q: What is the difference between cultivate and nurture ?
A: To nurture is to cultivate with a lot of love and attention.
Q: What is the difference between cultivate and feed ?
A: cultivate would be more of how you change something into what you want it to be or look like, while feed is you are helping something grow as it is without changing it
Q: What is the difference between cultivate and maintain and nourish ?
A: The meaning of these words can change depending on the context, based on the Internet. So, I will give
the most common defintion of these words

Cultivate: Prepare and use land for crops.

Maintain: keep the condition(typically physical, but it can also refer to intangible things. Like maintaining relationship with other countries, for example) at, usually, optimal level.

Nourish...I don't really use this word, to be honest.

Nourish usually means to take care of someone, typically a baby, with food and other things in order for them to grow, become healthy, etc. It basically means to take care of someone.

Sorry for the long explanation.

I don't mind answer any questions you may have after reading this.
Q: What is the difference between cultivate and raise and grow ?
A: It depends on the situation for all 3 can mean the same thing as in growing raising and cultivating rice. However you can raise a child as the best you can and hope for the beat however You can't cultivate a child .But you can cultivate a child's interest in reading by giving him or her books to she would grow up to be an informed person. They can mean the same thing in she situations and different in others..
The child began to grow up to be truthful person
He wanted to raise the puppy by himself
I told him to grow up and stop acting like a child.. There are so many ways to use these words.
Q: What is the difference between cultivate a field and plow a field ?
A: Cultivate includes fertilizing, plowing, planting, watering... all the things you need to do to get things to grow.
Plowing is just making rows in the dirt.

Translations of "Cultivate"

Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? cultivate
A: @mohdamjad311

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Q: We would like to cultivate a corporate culture of encouraging making proposals for improvement. Does this sound natural?
A: It's correct and people might say it this way.

Another way, which I prefer, would be:

We would like to cultivate a corporate culture which encourages proposals for improvement.
Q: How to cultivate my habit to be a nice person ? Does this sound natural?
A: @hinativekwan: "How can I be a nicer person?" is more natural
Q: We will cultivate a friendship little by little. Does this sound natural?
A: It depends on how casual this relationship is. Cultivate would sound formal. I would use it in a business setting. Otherwise, I'd say: We will soon be close friends.
Q: We must cultivate the ability of analysing and solving.
A: 自己觉得用analysis更自然
maybe refine, develop, or improve
we must refine our abilities of analysis/analyzing and solving
Q: Fail cultivate success. Does this sound natural?
A: I think this should be "Fail to cultivate success" or "Failed to cultivate success"? As in, you did not create an environment where success was encouraged.

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