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    2. Museum curators are using modern technology to make the exhibits more interesting and exciting.

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    2. Can you be my tour guide?라고 말하는 게 자연스러울 거예요 ㅎㅎ

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    2. Yeah. As English speakers, it's common that we make up words, so that's probably the case with this word.

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    2. Just so you know, his accent is quite thick and sometimes he mumbles in the middle of his sentences, so it was even difficult for me, a native speaker, to understand sometimes. a) ((He’s saying “I’d like to be let loose”)). He means that he’d like to just have a print room to himself (, where old paintings are printed and viewed in art galleries. He’d be able to look at the art in the rooms. By “dull” he means boring, as in other people who don’t have the same love or understanding for art as he does would find them boring.(Kind of an arrogant thing to say...) b) He’s not saying “keratin rubber glove”, he’s saying “a carrot and a rubber glove”. He doesn’t say it very clearly, and the way he says carrot is quite strange, but it’s just his accent. He means that he doesn’t mind when artists who make conceptual art and give it meaning, but he doesn’t like it when it’s just random things put together and called “art”. c) the interviewer is laughing because the interviewee corrected him (when asking the question he says “do you have to be a good drawer, do you have to be good at drawing”. “Draftsman” is the correct word for what he was saying, so he was corrected. It’s not shade lol. 1) etch 2) ((yes, you got it correct. This is some more of the paragraph in case you couldn’t catch it)) ....I need to go to a museum. I need to be fed, by- even by bad pictures, I need.. my fix. B- but I can’t define it. ((In this paragraph he stutters or changes the words he wants to use in a sentence, so it could be confusing)) 3) 4 or thereabouts (around the age of 4) 4) National Gallery 5) how those days the Gallery (that Gallery in particular) was virtually empty.. 6) you had to pay a sixpence to get in d) he’s saying “so we paid our sixpences” 7) it was after the Blunt affair (Referring to something that happened regarding Anthony Blunt) 8) Orion ( a star constellation) 9) prower? Proward? P-.... (I have no idea what he says. It does sound like flower, but that’s not a constellation). For these two he’s saying constellations, but I can’t make them out. I don’t have any knowledge of astronomy though, and when I looked up star constellations I couldn’t find any that sounded similar to what he said. 10) subtract 11) and I still can’t e) we seemed to rattle through, as in they just went from question to question quite quickly. I’ve never heard that expression before but it’s easy to guess. Hope this is helpful (-:

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    2. I participate in a marathon where people learn different languages. It takes place in a social network. My marathon name is called Language Heroes. Language Heroes is an independent language but we have the help of curators and other people who are well versed in the languages we are learning. In this group, I can find the motivation to learn English and chat with people who are willing to learn languages and can get a lot of tips on learning languages. I get language learning tasks once a week.

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