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    2. curiosity comes from French curiosité. 1. an eager desire to know; inquisitiveness 2. a. the quality of being curious; infomania; strangeness b. (as modifier) → the ring had curiosity value only ( not bought ) 3. something strange or fascinating 4. a rare or strange object; curio 5. (obsolete) fastidiousness Synonyms curiosity n inquisitiveness, interest, prying, snooping (informal), nosiness (informal), infomania → Mr Lim was a constant source of curiosity to his neighbours. oddity, wonder, sight, phenomenon, spectacle, freak, marvel, novelty, rarity → The company is a curiosity in the world of publishing. collector’s item, bygone, trinket, curio, knick-knack, objet d’art (French), bibelot → The mantelpieces and windowsills are adorned with curiosities. Proverb Curiosity killed the cat

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    2. "I know I'm not supposed to look but my curiosity got the best of me."

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