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    2. I've never heard cursorily used before. Cursory is common, which means quickly and not thoroughly like, 'I gave the paper a cursory read and it looks good, but I'll need to look it over more thoroughly later to know for sure'.

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    2. Cursorily means to glance at something quickly. "I looked at the newspaper cursorily, but I did not see my friend's name." It is different than the other two. Approximately and roughly both mean almost the same thing: showing that something is somewhat, but not completely, accurate. "He gave me roughly 20 dollars" vs "He gave me approximately 20 dollars". In each sentence he is giving me close to, but not exactly, 20 dollars. However, approximately is more of a guess. To explain, He gave me approximately twenty dollars: I'm assuming that he gave me about 20 dollars. Maybe more, maybe less. He gave me roughly twenty dollars: I know he gave me about 20 dollars. Maybe he gave me 18 dollars, or 22 dollars. But I'm rounding it to 20. If you say there is approximately 100 people in a store, you're guessing. If you say there is roughly 100 people in a store, it means you know the exact amount of people, you're just rounding it to 100. It's pretty tricky to figure out. Hope this helps. :D

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