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    2. As I understand it, baker’s chocolate is less sweet and has a difference consistency. It melts differently and is preferred to baking certain treats compared to regular chocolate that you buy to eat by itself. A baker’s dozen is 13. A dozen is normally 12 but we say ‘bakers dozen’ because a bakers recipe will say “a dozen of X” but they might taste the batch to see if it’s correct or they will just eat a final product themselves. So if they are going to produce the amount intended AND do their own testing... then their dozen becomes 13 rather than 12. Example: “It says here we need a dozen... ah well, better make it a bakers dozen!” That’s how I understand it anyway haha. Not sure what a cutaway is without more context. :(

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    2. A cutaway shot is a shot of something related to, but not including, the main action in a scene. As an example, imagine a scene showing a basketball game. To add some variety to the scene, the director may add cutaway shots showing things that are related to the basketball game, like the faces of people in the audience, or the reactions of the coaches.

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