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Q: What does No cutting corners mean?
A: To “cut corners” means to do something hastily, lazily, or illegally, like you’re hurrying to get the job done without caring about the quality of the end product. So “Don’t cut corners!” is a common way of saying “Do the job right! Don’t be lazy!”, that sort of thing.

Here’s The Free Dictionary’s entry on cutting corners; I hope you find it useful! 😁
Q: What does 1. cutting edge
2. have too forgiving a definition of the word mean?
A: As Bojack doesn't admit (concede) or agrees with Peanut butters word play.... That's why he might be asking peanut butter that he may assert the definition of word play. As it's dialogue based discussion that's why I'm confused... and not sure. And I'm sorry for that.
Q: What does He strikes a cutting. mean?
A: Thinking about this again, a better definition would be “to assume, or take on.” For example, “to strike a pose.”
Q: What does To be at /on the cutting edge mean?
A: It means to be up to date with the latest developments.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with At the cutting edge.
A: Hope these help you. Some examples.are
1) Software engineers in the world are at the cutting edge of developing an intrusion-free cyberspace.
2) Musical art is at the cutting edge of being the most entertaining form of art.
3) The world is in the cutting edge of developing a vaccine for Covid-19.
4) Aeronautical engineering is at the cutting edge of being the most demanding field of study among physics students.
Q: Please show me example sentences with on the cutting edge.
A: @nana-815815 “My company is on the cutting edge of rocket science. NASA will soon approach us.”
“Sony’s latest invention has put itself on the cutting edge of communication technology.”

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Q: What is the difference between to be at the cutting edge of something and to be in the vanguard of something ?
A: The usual story - vanguard derives from French - cut and edge derive from Norwegian an German; respectively representing the highborn and lowborn way of saying things
Q: What is the difference between ‎why are we even considering cutting open a bracelet right now? and why are we about to cutting open a bracelet right now? ?
A: actually instead of " why r we about to cut open a bracelet right now" ...we can just say" why are we cutting open a bracelet right now" this is what we usually say
1.we have a class in 10minutes why are we not ready yet
2.y r we cutting open this bracelet right we have enough time for this
3.This is the most important exam of your life y r u even considering not taking it?
4. it's clear that the bracelet has ntg to do with this why r we even considering cutting it

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? He has had to ____.

-be cutting his hair

-been cut his hair

-have his hair cut

-let his hair cut
A: He’s had to cut his hair o he’s had his hair cut en mi opinion es lo más natural

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Q: is the cutting thing on a sharpener called blade? If so what other things are called blade?
A: It will be hard to name everything which uses blade but I'll try!

All sharp things like the sharp parts of knives, scalpels, even the sharp part of ice skates are called blades. A sword is sometimes called a blade in video games like "Keyblade"

The weirder uses include

A blade of grass- a piece of grass can be called a blade of grass.

I hope it helps!
Q: A cutting edge information (as in 'a really good information') does this sound natural?
A: cutting edge is usually used for technology and it's actually meant very advanced
Q: A cutting edge word. ( I want it to mean like a trendy word) does this sound natural?
A: For example:
The doctor researches cutting edge medicine- this treatment is still experimental.
Everyone is trying this cutting edge medicine - it's very trendy right now to use it.
Q: 切断(されたばかりの)インシュレータの長さが正しいかどうか確認して下さい。
Confirm that the cutting insulator length is in the correct length. does this sound natural?
A: Please confirm that the cutting insulation has the correct length.
Q: プライヤーで(90度くらい)曲げて下さい。
Please bend the cutting pipe by the plier about 90°.
does this sound natural?
A: I believe you are looking for "please cut the pipe by bending the plier about 90*."

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