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    2. To describe something or to portray something in a precise manner Ex sentence- I delineated the woman's appearance to the police officer as a witness

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    2. Edits are in brackets, great essay :) As technology takes over the world[,] our society has to make little adjustments in order to properly introduce it into our routines without abruptly [upsetting] our daily lives. If it was hard to find a satisfiable job in the early 21st century[,] it will now be much harder due to the progress technology has made. [Technology] does not only change the working mechanism[,] but the whole hiring-[firing] process as we know it now might [upheaval]. In the near future, if it is not already active, it should be possible to hire or fire people based on their social media posting. The opinions registered on that matter are countless and in great contrast with [each other]. Judging somebody solely on their social media postings would not only be an impractical waste of plenty of great minds and skills[,] but also completely illogical. Young people spend a great deal of hours on websites or apps liking and sharing weird funny memes or comments on the internet. Most of the elements either shared or posted by millions of users are merely jokes or images people find funny and therefore share with their friends. If candidates were to be judged on the memes they post/share[,] they would all be unemployed as memes misrepresent people in the worst way possible. Some jokes are squalid and rather distasteful, often even slightly offensive, but it's the political incorrectness that makes them funnier sometimes. On the other hand[,] people could be realistically judged on their willingly written and serious comments. For instance short-tempered people are usually prone to start quarrels on the internet and, as a consequence, they are to be distrusted. Many other traits can be delineated from [purposefully] written comments. You would be surprised [by] how many examples one could find of arrogant, [closed] minded, hypocritical, [homophobic], racist, rude, sexist and superficial individuals merely reading people's comment history. If employers are going to judge applicants on their social media postings[,] we sure hope they won't count the memes as serious comments.

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