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    2. Dense has two meanings, one in science and one related to feelings. In feelings, if someone if dense then they can’t read others’ emotions well.

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    2. thick/concentrated (volume) or stupid.

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    2. Dense is more like stubborn, while uptight is similar to strict, or morally sound to a point of annoyingness. Example: "I can't stand how dense he is! Even after we proved that tomatoes are a fruit, he refused to admit it, and still insisted they were vegetables." Example: "Not only does she refuse alcohol, but she's so uptight that she lectures her friends for drinking it, too."

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    2. "Dense" is about density, the "How much of a thing can we find in a limited area?" It also has some connotations with solidity, texture, where something dense (a dense bone for exemple) is also hard compared to something less dense. Think of a sponge. The quantity of material inside the delimitations of the sponge is its density. The less air bubbles in it (the more material in the same area), the denser it is. "Thick" is about thickness, as opposed to thinness. It is how much space an object occupies on a certain axis. A book with 1000 pages is thicker than a book with 10 pages. "Cities have a higher population density than villages" Would mean "For the same area (let's say 1 little square on a map), you will spot more people inside it in cities than you would in villages." "This cord is thick, it won't fit inside this small hole."

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    2. A liquid is dense - it has a higher number of particles compared to another liquid. Example: Mercury is denser than water, that's why it sinks. A liquid is thick - This describes the consistency of a liquid, such that, something else can be added to it to make it thinner or runny. One example is wall paint. Example: This wall paint is too thick to be used right now. Let's add some water before we start painting the wall. A liquid is sticky - This means that the liquid stays on your hand, makes other things stick to it and is difficult to wash away without soap. Example: Honey or liquid glue (before the glue dries off) Hope it helps!

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    2. When using "dense" or "thick" to describe someone as stupid, the words are interchangeable. In the literal sense, "dense" is how much mass there is in a volume (steel is more dense than styrofoam), while "thick" is just a description of a larger size ("the dictionary is thick" or "the steak is thick").

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