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    2. It means "stupid person." It's informal and usually an insult. Dense (formal meaning): closely compacted, closely put together. Concentrated, crowded, tight, and heavy are synonyms. Loose, light, sparse, and thin are antonyms. It can be used to mean a text (books, research) has many complex ideas that are hard to understand. Dense (informal, insult): someone that can't understand things because their skulls are too "dense" for ideas/knowledge/information to go inside. It takes them a long time to learn things. Example: "Why can't you understand?! Are you dense?" In British English, "thick" is used the same way. "Thick-headed" and "dense-headed" are synonyms. "-head" is used here as an uncommon ending for nouns describing people, usually attached to an adjective. Sometimes these are loving (mothers call their tired children "sleepyhead" though it can refer to any tired person), only descriptive ("redhead" for people with red hair) or insulting (when I was a child, I called people "stupid-head" and "meanie-head" when I didn't like them). This can depend on the situation, who's saying it, the relationship between the people saying it, etc. The suffix "-ed" is sometimes added to make it an adjective (Example: He is so thick-headed, he'll never listen to other people).

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