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Q: What does "depiction" mean?
A: Algo que es representado en 1) una forma ilustrado, por ejemplo Guernica (Picasso) is a depiction of the horror of war/es una representación del horror de la guerra 2) una caracterización en palabras - The poems of Siegfried Sassoon are a depiction of the horrors of war/Los poemas de Siegfried Sassoon son una representación de los horrores de la guerra
Q: What does depiction mean?
A: Illustration or description of something

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Q: Please show me example sentences with depiction.
A: This image is a depiction of what happened at the crime scene. This depiction shows what may have happened when she fell.

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Q: What is the difference between depiction and description and portrait ?
A: Depiction means a representation of something visually. Description is like information about or describing something. Portrait has multiple meanings, a portrait (picture) of someone or portrait as in vertical and not landscape (horizontal).

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? depiction
A: I said it twice just Incase :)

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Q: This is a depiction of a scene in which a woman is walking along a street. What does this mean, e...
A: Ok I got it! Karina picked up a garbage (the wrapper) on the street whose inside was already empty!
Q: What do you know depiction to hiragana? does this sound natural?
A: 日本語で何が言いたい?

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