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    2. The longer someone has a car, the value of the car goes down. This is also known as 'depreciating value'

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    2. That's a really hard word haha The only time I've every actually seen it used was on a translation software when uploading a new script to be translated. If there were old phrases that weren't included on the new script, it would ask if I wanted to deprecate the old ones. So one example is: Would you like to deprecate old phrases?

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    2. "Deprecate" is almost never used in casual conversation. "I deprecate this." sounds very strange and way too formal in most situations. "I am against this." This is more casual, and more people would say something like this. I don't think I ever see deprecate really used in a formal setting much though, so I don't know how to advise on usage. Maybe in a political situation someone might use it to express disagreement.

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