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    2. amortyzowane

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    2. It's worth noting that this isn't really a common term and you could find that people outside of professional settings don't know what it means. A more common way of saying the same thing that you're likely to hear more often would be "to go down" so it would be "The value of the British coin has gone down over the last year due to uncertainty about Brexit"

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    2. roughly speaking devaluation is the result of a conscious decision by a government (and works in a fixed or semi-fixed exchange rate) and depreciation is due to supply and demand side factors (drop of currency value in a floating exchange rate) although in every-day use people often use these terms interchangeably.

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    2. Detract means to take away attention from something. Depreciate means to lose value. DETRACT 1. The restaurants old appearance didn't detract from it's delicious food. 2. Traffic might detract my happiness while driving long distances. 3. The high price of the car did not detract from sales. DEPRECIATE 1. His car was hit therefore the value of it has been depreciated. 2. The stock market crashed. The value of her stocks have plummeted. (Depreciated)

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    2. depreciate means to describe or cause a decrease in a value....

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    2. It's a participle clause. You do not specify the subject of a participle clause, it is assumed to be the same subject as in the main clause. You need to be careful though, it is a common error to have mismatched subjects, and even though the meaning is usually obvious from context, it is very poor writing style.

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