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    2. I appreciate how you organized for the beginning of slide about two terminologies: desecration and integration. Two words were repeated ON the other slides so I had to fully understand the definitions of each words. I think THE USA has A advanced system that acceptS different races and multi-culture. The biggest topic discussion in USA is racism and equality for everyone. I really love the idea how to respect everyone. The segregation is not officially taught in South Korea and I think we still are not open for multi-culture and racism. Some folks in Korea are really aggressive to different races and it is not respectful. The point I mentioned about the advanced system in USA is using the effective way how to attract students in school interact with different racial students with special programs. It is A natural way FOR people get along with each other through sports and extracurricular activities. I saw interracial friends in THE USA and it is really charming to see. For disability students, the project for building facilities is always considered disability zone such as public bathroomS and wide desktops. I still want to compare systemS for disability in THE USA and Korea because it is not only for the comparison of facility quality. The mindset toward disability is different as well. Rather than pitiful lookS, American people just start talking with them to be friends and there is no boundary between disability people and normal people which isTHE MOST beautiful thing in the world! For the questions, I think I saw the desegregation in school like multi-culture center where people from different background gather together and do some activity and I went women culture center in Portland Community College for free snacks and they always welcome me no matter what I am. The desegregation is the respectful mission that we must do to achieve for the bright future global community. I think the disable students in my elementary school was separated because of mental state. It was hard to see disable students study together with other students who does not have any disability in my country. I read a book about the life of disability person in Korea and he said about the equality was not exist if you are born in Korea with disability. He was suffered and mistreated. I hope there would be developed system for disability in Korea and I believe people treat them as their friends and family. you did really well I did not have to do much!! ^U^

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