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    2. It's asking if you see people who lack the outspokenness to defend themselves against others who would exploit the people in any way they see fit

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    2. Everybody knows about volunteering. But not everybody knows about advantages and disadvantages of this activity AND THEREFORE I would like to tell about it. To begin with advantages, I CAN SAY that being A volunteer is a big chance, which gives a lot of experience TO THE volunteer. For example, when volunteers are working with elderly people, they find common ground with THE older generation and GAIN SOME life experience. Next in the row is making friends. They can meet and speak with a lot of people and become friends during THIS communication. Furthermore, volunteers can travel for free in MANY PLACES and enjoy during free time. On the other hand, being A volunteer is A hard JOB. Volunteers must be responsible and hardworking people. Sometimes they need to be ready to help in any moment. BECAUSE OF THIS, they can't make MANY plans at all, because they are always so busy during THESE important events. For the reasons above, I want to say that I think being volunteer deserving activity. Only kind, responsible and purposeful people can decide to do SUCH A useful and hard job and NOT hope for rewards.

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    2. In this particular case, it's an argument that the federal government encroaches on the area the state government should be responsible for. There is a constant losing battle of states rights versus the authority of the federal government, and this is one term that came out of it.

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    2. Yours is good and I understand it but parts of it sound unnatural. Suggested version: My Hometown: A Place To Travel Situated in the city of Pingxiang of the Jiangxi province in China is my hometown, which is characterised by Wugong Mountain - a mountain which enjoys a good reputation among the general public. I believe it to be a very scenic spot, well worthy of a visit. My reasons for thinking this are as follows. This time-honoured mountain has several aspects which are spoken of very highly. Firstly, its local dishes such as mouldy tofu and bacon. So palatable is the local food that you may find that you become obsessed with it and that it lingers in your mind for a long time. Wugong Mountain has an altitude of approximately 2 kilometres. It is worthwhile visiting for the subtle sounds, uttered by flocks of birds, which echo around in your ears and also the magnificent views, both of which give you a feeling of being at one with nature. Overall, both the local speciality and the splendid scenery are testimony to the greatness of my hometown and I couldn’t live without them. Mouldy tofu is the local specialty? 😯 Are you sure you mean mouldy?

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