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    2. you can say: "I feel like I don't really have a safe space. when I feel tired, I will stand on the balcony, looking at the landscape and the people walking below. That helps me to relieve some stress. I also enjoy sitting at my desk, enjoying the peace. When I am touching the wooden table, I feel safe and comfortable. I think to most people, they will be going to bed feeling sad or tired. Tomorrow must be a fresh day."

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    2. (Copy paste) I am writing this because my sister has autism.When she had flown to Canada from Tokyo, I heard she had a awful meltdown at LAX because there was a distinct lack of communication and knowledge of autism between staff. According to my sister, because of the bad weather, her flight was delayed,so she had to stay at the airport overnight. Since she has autism, female staff had to stay with her 24 hours. But all female staff kept telling my sister ,and other coworkers that they didn’t want to stay with the “retarded” girl all night. They ignored my sister , and even made a phone call to their friend and said “save me! I’m with kid with autism! Haha.” In front of her. She doesn’t even understand their language. My sister didn’t sleep or eat all night at LAX. Just so you know, she had a flight about 5 hours from Japan to LAX, and was waiting at LAX for 5 hours without almost no information. Please know that some disabilities are invisible. She was handed over to other female staff,and doesn’t even known how to speak English. According to her, she was playing a game on her phone the whole time. Even when she was supposed to go to the front desk to explain her autism and conditions. So my sister went to the desk to herself, and tried to explain about her with her iPod. She was so stressed out,exhausted and confused with all noises, smells, crowds, and the LAX staff wan’t helping at all . Eventually she had a meltdown. At that time, nobody knew why. My sister broke down at the front desk with her iPod. And the two airline staff tried to make her calm down. One lady come up to her,she asked if my sister wanted to sit to next to her. She said she understands how frustrating it is. There was also a special education teacher, and he asked them if he could do something for them. Please know that some disabilities are invisible.I do not appreciate how the staff treated my sister when they had no idea of her condition.

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    2. maybe it should be : I feel like I will decided the next travel dest

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