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    2. The gender assignment to gender-neutral objects is a product of colloquial language, so there's no actual dictionary for gender-assignments. However, female gender is commonly assigned to objects in order to denote one of the following: -possession (This is my boat. She's a beaut.) -feminine traits, such as sisterhood (The fallen tree rested against the trunk of one of her sisters.) -feminine traits, such as reliability (This house belonged to my great great great grandfather. She's survived five snowstorms and is still standing.) Male gender assignments are MUCH less frequent, and tend to be used on objects that are considered to be surrogate companions: -(Meet Bob. He's my soccer ball. He's been with me since the first grade.) There has been a lot of discussion about why feminine gender assignments are so common in colloquial English, including issues about the objectification of women, but that's a can of worms I don't want to open here. Basically, gender assignments happen, but you generally don't need to worry too much about trying to use them. It is very likely that the example you gave was behaving metaphorically in order to evoke the image of sisterhood.

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    2. no problem haha, hopefully i have said the correct things

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