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    2. Institutional differentiation (also referred to as differentiation instruction) is an educational approach where teachers proactively modify curricula, teaching methods, resources, learning activities, and student products to address the diverse needs of individual students and small groups of students to maximize the learning opportunity for each student in a classroom. Or more simply put: tailoring education to the individual student learning characteristics. Examples of differentiation in high school: Paper that explains what differentiation is: - Page 18: definition of what differentiation is - Page 10: what gaps are being addressed; types of students

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    2. To differentiate is to show or highlight the differences between two things; you need something to be doing the differentiating, because it's a verb. So you can't say "the differentiates (I'm not sure that's even a word) between these two are...." The word "differences," on the other hand, is a noun rather than a verb, so you use it as a subject. Examples: "She is old enough to *differentiate* between right and wrong. The *differences* between the two are obvious."

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    2. “What is the difference between a house and a home?” “What differentiates a house from a home?”

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    2. I think something in my head. A thing is something I can touch, a noun.

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