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    2. Free floating - unconstrained or unfocused, but in a positive way. More context would help, but it probably means a philosophical discussion that doesn't stay focused on one idea or one way of thinking, instead accepting many ideas and adding them to the discussion, or which shifts topics easily.

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    2. They studied Spanish discourse. The linguist specializes in discourse analysis. ESL writer find American English written academic discourse difficult to learn.

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    2. 谢谢你!

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    2. Discourse refers to two or more people speaking to each other, usually in an academic or formal manner. Speech usually only refers to one person speaking and it can be formal or casual.

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    2. Stop leaving him out of this conversation.

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    2. Check the question to view the answer

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    2. It's OK, I'd suggest... Although the term ‘race’ is frequently used in legal documents, it is not used in daily discourse. Indeed, the definition of ‘race’ in Japanese language differentiates other nationalities, regarding them as different ‘races’ from the pure Japanese.

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    2. Due to the recent influx of Chinese tourists coming to Japan to shop for “quality” items, some people hold negative attitudes towards China. These negative opinions of the tourists lead to a suspicion of those men who marry Chinese women because they think that the men marry for the women's wealth. discourses: more to a formal discussion. People discussing about the tourists in this context is more to informal so I think 'opinions' would be better. I replaced 'richness' with 'wealth' because I think 'wealth' is more straightforward when you want to talk about having a lot of money. When you use 'richness', it can also mean richness of details, richness of flavour etc. Not just money

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    2. In a Japanese context, the discourses on nationality and race are viewed as interchangeable elements; nationality is determined by biological connection shared with the parents, in which either of parents is ethnically Japanese. Very nice, except for a few errors.

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    2. He’s referring to the forensic sketch. A con job is an act intended to deceive or fool someone usually to get something from them (often money).

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    2. hi! I read the whole thing and I corrected some grammatical errors and made some sentences sound more natural 😁 By the way, goodluck with that! -Numerous numbers of movies, advertisements, YouTube videos, even personal videos in social media over the war made a formidable influence on people around the world by changing their point of view and their way of thinking. Since I grew up witnessing all of these, it's just natural that I grew an affinity with the power of media art and eventually decided to dedicate myself to it. -From the naval ship in Pacific to a desert in Australia, to a city covered with snow in Canada and an old temple in Korea, I tried to work and stay close with cameras and digital media to find out what I really want to capture in my camera and how I want to depict the world and things in it. - With this opportunity, I was not only able to learn to make the best of what I have in making media art but also to reconfirm that to focus on the stories of the countless individual in the world is just as important as to explore the discourses of society. With the help of a viewpoint that has become more mature throughout these lessons, my personal blog about film and digital media currently has 5,700 subscribers and 700 people, on average, visit the blog every day. As my works in the blog were acknowledged by people in various fields, I was invited to internet radio and the premieres of films. -So far, I’ve made a lot of decisions, as compared to my peers'. Some of them I regret, some I don’t. Now I’m making another monumental decision that I’m sure I won’t regret until the day I die. With throbbing heart and a surge of excitement, I look forward to yours.

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    2. Discourse markers are, according to Wikipedia, words that are used to add flow to a sentence. In English, the flow of a sentence is important. We put stress on different words, and don't say everything in monotone. I'll read something from a book. Don't focus on what I'm saying, but my tone and how I'm saying it. In sentences, you need to break ideas up. Discourse markers are used to do this. Consider this exchange between friends. A: John, did you get the cake for the birthday party? B: Well....No I didn't. I'm sorry. A: So, you're saying there's no cake? What are the discourse markers? "Well" and "So". Person B tries to ease into his idea by adding "Well" first because he knows that him not buying a cake will disappoint person A. Person A uses the time between when he says "So" and the next word to collect his thoughts. I hope that helped a bit to explain what they are.

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