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Q: What does disheartening mean?
A: Thank you so much!
Q: What does "dishearten" :) mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does dishearten mean?
A: Dishearten means, heavy heart/discouraging/depressing..
Usually I hear this word when talking about complicated/sad events/tragedies or topics.
Q: What does disheartening mean?
A: It means saddening, depressing, or discouraging. (something along the lines of it not being a good thing)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with dishearten.
A: Although we have stayed at the resort every year for ten years, our last visit left us disheartened and not eager to return.

I was disheartened when I did not get the promotion I deserved.

Disheartened after being passed over for a role, the actress ate a tub of ice cream.

After Sarah learned her boyfriend would never marry her, she became disheartened with her relationship.

When my son came home from daycare with bruises on his arms, I was extremely disheartened with the care center.

Synonyms of "Dishearten" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between dishearten sb and discourage sb, put sb off ?

Discourage can describe an emotional state (He felt discouraged after his first souffle collapsed.)


Discourage can describe an action taken against something (The health department discourages smoking in public places)

Dishearten can only describe an emotional state (He felt disheartened after his first souffle collapsed. Don't dishearten him with more bad news.)
Q: What is the difference between dishearten and disappoint ?
A: When you are disheartened you are discouraged.

When you are disappointed things have fallen short of your expectations.

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Q: is it common to use dishearten?
A: I would not say it is a commonly used word, but it is not surprising for someone to use it. Especially in situations where people have failed at certain things.

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