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    2. dismal means sad/hopeless

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    2. The weather was cold, rainy and dismal.

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    2. I would say bleak implies a negative outcome if the result is a failure while dismal has a neutral tone. "There is a bleak chance he will live." imples that he is important to the person talking "His chances at survival is dismal." Is more neutral, not much implication

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    2. This is just my opinion, but I would say that bleak means grey and drizzly, dismal means depressing, and dreary means almost the same thing as bleak but can refer to any type of undesirable weather.

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    2. "turn out to be" is not correct in the 2nd sentence. "His policy will no doubt have dismal consequences." Use the first sentence.

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    2. Dismal means that something is very unfortunate and that the outcome doesn’t look good

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    2. So the second paragraph is quite long but I will do my best to sort out the little things. The first two sentences are, "Students are not good at managing compared to adults. Students have to deal with study and extracurricular activities simultaneously." One thing I'm not sure about is what you mean when you say 'managing'. So you mean managing more than one thing at once? If you do then you can join these two sentences into one flowing sentence that makes more sense. For example, "Some students are not as good at managing more than one task at a time, especially when they are dealing with extracurricular activities as well as their academic studies." The next part of the passage state, "In other words, since students take part in extracurricular activities, they suffer from mental pressures. According to Doe (2014) “Sometimes, it can lead to students concentrating on only one and failing on others” (para.8)." I would change the first part slightly to make it more clear to the reader that extra curricular activities isn't the cause of mental is the fact that they are doing extracurricular activities AS WELL AS other activities that gives them added pressure. For example, "To put it simply, it is the added pressure of these activities on top of the school work that adds a lot a mental pressure to the students." The next sentence states, "Moreover, teachers also have a problem. Afterschool activities are not in curriculums, so teachers can not get the payment for it." I would try to make this into one sentence like I did before as it flows better. For example, "Teachers are also affected by after-school activities as they are not paid for their work during this time." You can follow this up into the next sentence which you put as, "For example, a teacher named Ryusuke experienced a hard time." The way you out it doesn't flow well from the previous sentence about teachers as it seems like a separate comment. You can put it like this, "An example of this is that of a teacher who had first hand experience of this while he was working." If we put these sentences together, "Teachers are also affected by after-school activities as they are not paid for their work during this time. An example of this is that of a teacher who had first hand experience of this while he was working." You can see that the sentences now work well together as they are about the same subject. The next sentence you put, "The extracurricular activities are defective system for both students and teachers. Therefore, they should be regulated." This sentence is almost perfect but just needs a few grammatical changes. I'll pint them out in the example below, "(You can miss out 'the') Extracurricular activities are (a) defective system for both students and teachers, (and) therefore, they should be (properly) regulated." So a few small changes as well as making it into one sentence (not two) and it sounds a lot better. The last paragraph is quite short so I'll do that one as well. The first sentence, "Today after school activities are recognized as acceptable for schools." This sentence is actually perfectly fine to use which is very good! 👍🏼 The last sentence, "But, those activities which make everybody dismal should not exist." It is only slightly unnatural because of your choice of words. Using the word 'dismal' is fine but is not really used much in this context. Instead of saying dismal, which means quite gloomy, I think you need to use a word that represents the rest of the assignment. You have proven that student are under a lot of pressure so using a word like 'burdened' is a lot better I feel. This word just means that a person is under a heavy load, like a lot of work. So the sentence can be, "But activities that burden student should not exist." ...or if you want to expand on this, "But activities that heap pressure on a student should not be made available." Again, you can make the last two sentences into one fluid sentence like this, "Today after-school activities are recognised as acceptable for schools, but activities that put too much pressure on a student should not be made available." This makes the last sentence flow better and ends the passage on a strong statement. This took a lot longer than I thought it would! I hope this isn't too confusing and that it helps you a little bit. Hopefully you do well on you're assignment, as it was already very good! Good luck! 🙂👍🏼

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    2. Caps African-American men often wear to protect their hair.

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    2. They desperately want that kind of accuracy. (Still part of the joke though, saying that 9/5 is better than whatever they actually predict, so they wish they were as accurate as the stick market). “Would kill for” is a phrase that can be used lightly (I would kill for a good hamburger right now) or with things you really wish could happen - (I would kill for a part in that movie). It’s not a super common phrase, but it shows up every once in a while.

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    2. After she graduated from high school and resigned herself to go to New York, Emily Byrd Starr returns to New Moon farm. With all her friends gone to fulfil their dreams and with the chemistry between herself and her love interest Teddy seeming to have vanished, Emily goes on writing, feeling dreary. After that, she is forced to struggle through life: her first novel is returned consecutively from all the publishers she sent it to, an accident brings her near to death, and she finds out that her best friend is going to marry Teddy. Even though the previous two books in the series had a somewhat dark atmosphere, this one is full of a dismal ambience throughout the whole story.

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    2. "Birthdays without a lover is dismal but I don’t care. I can take care of myself. "

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