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Q: What does distaste mean?
A: Distaste means a strong feeling of not liking someone or something.

-“I see you still smoke,” she said with distaste.
-She also usually views abstract paintings with distaste.
Q: What does they had long harbored a distaste for the fiery brand of evangelical politics mean?
A: to harbor (feeling) = to have that feeling for a long time
distaste = dislike, hatred
fiery = passionate and loud; emotional
brand = type, kind
evangelical politics = the kind of conservative political speech typical of Evangelical Christians that strongly emphasizes opposing abortion, welfare, LGBT rights and non-Christian religions

Many black voters have hated for a long time the kind of loud, conservative Christian political speech that Mr. Moore often used to attract poor white voters.

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Q: "I used to have a strong distaste for squid, but since the age of 18 or around there, it started to grow on me. now it's a to die for to me" does this sound natural?
A: The last sentence doesn't make sense. It seems like you want to say "it's to die for", but that phrase doesn't make sense in the context of the sentence.

You will want to just say that now you love it, or now you like it alot.
Q: Although I'm a Japanese, I have a distaste for eating raw fish. So I have not eaten sushi more than one time. does this sound natural?
A: try although i'm japanese,I dislike raw fish so i have not eaten sushi that much.
but it depend on the context of who you are talking to.

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