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    2. A distributor sells a product to retailers. A retailer sells a product to customers. SMALL SCALE: A local artist sells paintings directly to the customers by himself. MEDIUM SCALE: A board game company sells their game to several retail stores, and these retailers sell it to the customer. LARGE SCALE: A film company pays distributors to find retailers for their film in several countries worldwide. Retailers buy copies of the film from the distributor and sell them to the customer.

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    2. A distributor is someone who distributes products on, behalf of a company, to other companies. They often have exclusive buying agreements with companies that define certain territories or limit the number of distributers the company can use to gain the maximum profit. EX: A distributing company will take clothes from the Lauren Conrad clothing line (where the clothes are made) and take it to the Target Shopping Center (where the clothes are sold). A wholesaler buys large quantities of products directly from distributors for a discounted rate. Wholesalers acquire merchandise, such as telephones, computers, bicycles, clothing, televisions and furniture. The goods are frequently destined for retailers or wholesale businesses. Retailers consist of small and large for-profit businesses that sell products directly to consumers. To realize a profit, retailers search for products that coincide with their business objectives and find suppliers with the most competitive pricing. Generally, a retailer can buy small quantities of an item from a distributor or a wholesaler. An exporter is someone who sells its goods to someone in another country (to the importer). EX: China exports a large amount of goods such as electronics, furniture, footwear/clothes, vehicles, and medical equipment to the United States (the importer).

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