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    2. A “divination” is a person’s prediction about the future, or even the process by which they acquire information about the future (a person can perform a “divination” with bones, cards, etc.) An “intuition” is closer to a feeling you’ve had about something (not necessarily about the future) or knowing something without proof. For example: A person can have an “intuition” that something won’t go well. Perhaps this person is working on a project and has a lot of experience with past projects that failed, and now their “intuition is telling them” that the current project will also fail, or they may “have an intuition” that something is wrong, despite everything appearing ok

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    2. Will do. Give me a minute :)

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    2. Your writing skills are amazing and I could definitely understand everything that you wanted to communicate but in order to make it sound more natural I would suggest a few minor modifications: *** I have scheduled a fortune telling appointment and I am very excited about it. I have lots of questions to ask. I will start by saying that I really would like to find someone that shares the same hobbies as I do. I would like to also receive some advice regarding career direction and even get some suggestions on which brand of piano to choose. I am not a very decisive person. Making choices has always been a painful process for me but it seems that life requires it constantly from people so I could use a hand on it. I could also use some help on how to improve my social and communication skills. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand what people expect from me. For example, if a friend complains to me about something I will always try to provide some practical solutions to their problems but I have been realizing that most of the time they are not really looking for a solution but just want someone to talk too instead. I just can't get that. I’m really looking forward to my appointment tomorrow. *** Again...these are only suggestions 😉

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    2. "When I was young, I often had dreams where I flew in the sky as though I pedaled a bicycle. "According to dream divination, it seems that dreams about flying freely in the sky means your fortune is raising."

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