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Q: What does what doea foreign mean ,,
hehhe mean?
A: foreign- adjective to describe a person from a different country
Example: She only knows a few places around here because she’s foreign.


foreign- adjective to describe something that is unfamiliar to you
Example: She only drinks coffee, so drinking tea felt completely foreign to her.

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Q: What doea filhaal means?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: what doea addy means?
A: well i guess if you ask someone “whats your addy” it means whats ur username so they can “add” you on SNS however its very informal and not the correct way of asking. It would be better to ask “may i add you” or “can i add you on ____? Whats your username?”
Q: What doea 'rain check' means?
And when can I used this sentence?
A: A rain check refers to doing something another time that you had already promised you was going to do. For example, if you and a friend made plans for dinner on Monday but then you turn out to be busy on Monday, you can say to them "Oh I am busy, can I take a rain check on that?"

It usually refers to something that's happening presently; it's more common for the term to be used when you 'find out you're busy' when you're supposed to go. But you could still use it earlier than the planned day.
Q: doea saying "there ain't hard and fast rules." sound dorky/uneducated because of "ain't"???
A: "Aren't" is the correct form, however "ain't" doesn't sound dorky. It is most commonly used in the South part of the United States, but I hear it often between friends. I don't live in the South and I don't think it sounds dorky. :)

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