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Q: What does I'm down to my last few dollars" mean?
A: It’s like down anther word for last
Q: What does it costs you about 7 dollars mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does "You can go only so far on five dollars." mean?
A: It basically means ‘You can’t do/get a lot with $5.’
Q: What does 42 dollars is too much. mean?
A: "42 dollars is too much." means that the given amount of money (42 dollars) is relatively too much for someone. If a person has 50 dollars, then it makes sense that 42 dollars would be too much for them to spend, or lend.
Q: What does I was fined a dollar. mean?
A: You did something wrong, so they make you pay as a punishment.

I was fined $50.00 for parking my car too long downtown.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with dollars to doughnuts.
A: "To bet" dollars to doughnuts - if you win the bet, I pay you money - if you win you can pay me in doughnuts.

~I'm so confident about winning the bet, I don't even want money from you.

Tone is informal/ joking

"I bet you dollars to doughnuts someone's phone will ring during the presentation."

"Dollars to doughnuts, I can make two three pointers in a row."
Q: Please show me example sentences with it's 20 dollars even (why is this " even " in here) .
A: When talking about money, "even" means no partial dollar.
$20.35 is not even. (twenty dollars and thirtyfive cents.)
$10.00(ten dollars) is even.

Or no diffrence in amounts.

"even money" means equal amounts.
Also if I say:
"I would like $3.00 for this book and $3.75 for this pen.($6.75 total) "You can give me $5 and we will call it even"
It means you will not owe me anything more.
Q: Please show me example sentences with please top up with 500 dollars .
A: The lawyer wants you to top of your account with 500 dollars before they go to court.

I need to make a mortgage payment, can you top up the account with 500 dollars?

"Top up" means 'add'.
ex. Gift cards can be 'topped up' with money if you use all the money on them.

You can 'top up' your engine oil of it's low, or fill up your car's gas tank and say 'I topped up the tank, gas was a good price today'.

In a restaurant, if you get your drink refilled, you can say it was 'topped up'.

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Q: What is the difference between I want a million dollar and I want a million dollars ?
A: When you are talking about an amount of money, it is “a million dollars” with the “s” on the end because it is more than one dollar, Example: I want a million dollars.

But if you are describing something, such as “a million-dollar home” or “a million-dollar car” it is singular, without the “s” on the end.
Q: What is the difference between Ten dollars are and Ten dollars is ?
A: If you say "ten dollars are", I would assume you are talking about ten one dollar bills. Anything else would not make sense.

dollars = one dollar bills, and there are ten of them.

If I heard someone say "Ten dollars is", I would only think of the total amount of money, $10.

Ten dollars is too low of an offer for that painting. It is worth a lot more than that.
To my nephew, ten dollars is a lot of money.
Q: What is the difference between dollars and bucks ?
A: Dollars is more commonly used. Bucks is slang/informal.
Also it usually indicates a small amount of money.

"I won't spend more than a few bucks on lunch, I'm trying to save my money."
Q: What is the difference between i'll give you 50 dollars to do it. and i'll give you 50 dollars if you do it. ?
A: they both mean virtually the same thing. I would use either one of those to offer a job to so.done. they mean the same.
Q: What is the difference between 'at 20 dollars' and 'for 20 dollars' ?
A: @jickoon: for

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? a million dollar(s) bill / a one-million dollar(s) bil / one million dollar(s) bill — which one is correct? if I have only 1 bill but its value is one million?
A: I have ten dollars.
I have a ten dollar bill.
I have two ten dollar bills.
I have a million dollars.
I have a million dollar bill.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I declare it for 20 dollars when we ship.
A: I declare that we ship it for $20 dollars.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I don't have small changes. can you break 5 dollars? does it sound natural?
A: I don't have any smaller bills. Can you make change for a five?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 500 dollars suffiront pour acheter un ordinateur
A: 500 dollars is enough to buy a computer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 49.2 dollars in english is USD Forty nine and cents twenty only? Thanks in advance!
A: Forty nine dollars and twenty cents.

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Q: A: Do you have 100 dollars?

B: Yeah, I don't know how much I have.

Yeah, sorry, I don't know if I have cash.
Recently, I have only credit cards with me. does this sound natural?
A: This conversation is really unnatural.
A: Do you have 100 dollars?
B: Yes /no. Recently I only use credit cards/I don't know how much I have. Let me check.

"Yeah, I don't know much I have" doesn't make sense. It means > Yeah (I have a 100$), I don't know how much I have (I don't know if I have a 100$). The "yeah" is really out of place.

So its kind of contradicting itself. You say yes, you have 100$ then later you say you don't know how much you have.
Q: A: Ten dollars, please.
B: Here's the exact amount, no change needed.
A: Just like that. Here's the exact amount. Mostly, there is no reason to say that, though, you can just pay it.
Q: Can you explain who is on a five dollar bill and who is Benjamin Franklin's five twin brothers?

Howard: Okay, I get it, I know how the world works, how about if I were to introduce you (holding up a five dollar bill) to the man who freed your people.
Nurse: Unless my people were freed by Benjamin Franklin and his five twin brothers you are wasting your time.
A: Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln is one the $5 bill and he was the president who ended American slavery, which is where the second half of Howard's statement originates.
As for the second one, this is basically saying that someone needs $100 plus $500 more. Sometimes, we call $100 bills "Ben(jamin) Franklins".
Q: 1 dollars
1 dollar
Which is correct?
A: 1 dollar. Adding s makes it plural. You only have 1 so it's singular
Q: you‘d think a million dollars would trump anyone's sense of self-righteousness.
what does this mean?please tell me this meaning in more simple English …
A: It means that most people, no matter how strongly they value their morality, might change their minds if offered enough money

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