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Q: What does domesticated mean?
A: these examples are pretty much all you need.

For a domesticated human being (man...or woman), if you are in a relationship with someone you can use this term in a humorous way to say that you have 'trained' them to be a good partner within the household. For example,

A - "I hear you are living together now? Isn't he a bit messy?"
B - "He was when he first moved in but I've properly domesticated him so that he knows all the rules. Now he cooks and cleans himself!"
A - "You've trained him well I see!"
B - "Indeed I have!"

Just another example!

I hope it helps! 👍🏼

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Q: What is the difference between domesticated and housebroken ?
A: Domesticated means "not wild" Cats are domesticated animals.

"Housebroken" means that your pet does not urinate or defecate in your house. "Puppies are usually not housebroken."
Q: What is the difference between domesticated and housebroken ?
A: The word domesticated is usually used when we're talking about taming animals by generations of breeding.
and the word housebroken when we're talking about a pet that you have that is housebroken (alsow sometimes by generations of breeding)
These 2 words dont really have a big difference.

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce domesticated.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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