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Q: What does he looks like a dork

( and it's right sense or wrong) mean?
A: He looks like a nerd/geek/anything between those lines. Sometimes means loser but not really it depends on the person
Q: What does dork mean?
A: it's pretty much slang for someone that does nerdy things
Q: What does dork mean?
A: a full or slow witted person is a 'dork'
Q: What does dork mean?
A: "Nerd" a bad way of describing someone who is smart! It is a negative description of someone
Q: What does dork mean?
A: @risairiy: Dork is another way to say nerd or geek but it is almost never used any more

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Q: Please show me example sentences with dork.
A: Nowadays it's mostly used very positively, jokingly making fun of someone, but said very affectionately.
"So you just talked about history for hours with the girl you like? lol, you dork."
"You're my favourite dork."
"You're such a dork."

Much less common now, but a couple generations ago it would have been used really negatively. A dork was someone who didn't function well socially, maybe looked really uncool, and just generally wasn't someone popular.
Q: Please show me example sentences with "dork" and what does it mean? .
A: 'He was such a dork'
It means someone who be clumsy or have no skill.
Sorry it is kind of hard to explain.
If someone has done something silly or stupid, you can call them a dork.

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Q: What is the difference between dork and douche ?
A: These are slang, they are used as insults. A dork is someone who is socially inept. They are not bad or mean, just a bit clueless and therefore unpopular. A douche is a person who is deliberately rude and inconsiderate. A dork can be rather innocent in a sense, a douche is selfish and maybe even malicious. I can forgive a dork, but not a douche.
Q: What is the difference between dork and fool and retarded and dumb ?
A: Dork is someone who is just kind of silly, usually someone who does weird things that are kind of amusing.

A fool is kind of an idiot, mainly because they do stuff that is quite obvious they shouldn't, or they've fallen for a trick or something like that.

A retard is someone who has mental retardation, meaning they've lost their mental capacity (brain damage, brain dead etc).

Dumb is just someone who isn't smart.
Q: What is the difference between dork, geek and nerd ?
A: generally the same meaning
Q: What is the difference between dork and nerd and geek ?
A: @Rev01Yeti: he's a dork but i admire him cause he smart and makes me laugh

he is consider a nerd by his peers cause he loves to read

he loves videogames so much hes friends nickname him the geek
Q: What is the difference between dork and jerk ?
A: Dork is used to describe someone who is nerdy or silly. Jerk is used for someone who is mean or a bully.

"He likes to tell silly jokes. He's such a dork."

"John tried to beat me up! What a jerk!"

Translations of "Dork"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What is dork in korean?
A: It's 얼간이, but you should have asked this in the korean language part and not the English.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? dork
A: Do you mean how do you pronounce it?

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Q: A dork. Does it sound offensive or not? if it was used in a funny situation.
A: It wouldn't sound offensive if you say it in a funny situation. You have to use it with someone who's your friend or someone you can be informal with.
Q: What is a dork and how to use it?
A: A stupid awkward person

- He felt like a dork when he realized his mistake.
Q: What is a dork?
A: It's similar to otaku

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