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Q: What dpes line 255 mean?
A: It means that the speaker does not sense the normal good feeling that usually follows victory.
Q: What dpes line 41 mean?
A: The Man is a hippie term for the government and large companies. Hippies often became hobos in order to work for the Man. He's saying that he's a hobo now so he can't wear pajamas because pajamas are what the Man wants him to wear.
Q: What dpes line 7 mean?
A: Line 7 = "Joke if you must."
this means "If you have to joke, then go ahead and joke, I don't care." It is a very formal wording.
Hope this makes sense!
Q: What dpes line 101 mean?
A: The rearview mirror is the center mirror in a car that the driver uses to see what is behind him. By saying that "we were looking at creepy (unsettling feelings) in the rearview mirror," he is saying that it has been creepy for some time already. In other words, when he put up the camera, they had already gone beyond creepy. Because they are (figuratively) looking at it in the rearview mirror.
Q: What dpes "grab a handfull" in the last line mean?
A: Take (into your hand) as much as your hand can hold.

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