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Q: What does dressy casual mean?
A: "dress casually"
Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Not formal, but not super informal either. Nice clothes that are not too expensive or elaborate. You dress casual when you are with friends usually or with family.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ①(これから出かけるんだけど)支度出来てる?②(時間が経過してるのに)まだ支度してないの?③支度という意味でdressyは使いますか?(最後のは質問です)
A: 1) Are the preparations finished?
2) Are you ready yet?
3) いいえ、「dressy」というのはちょっとフォーマルという意味です。多分、探している単語は「dressed」だと思います。

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Q: “I’d like you to be dressed little dressy and feminine for the upcoming photoshoot” Is this ok?
A: --> “I’d like you to be dressed *a* little dressy..."
--> “I’d like you to be *a little dressed up*..."

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