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Q: What does drippin (for life) mean?
A: it basically means you have money or style.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Drippin

I was wondering if i can say “she was drippin “.
A: 😂😂yeah “drippin” is definitely a new age word used by younger people.......and they use it when someone looks really stylish in their clothes

Although, I would say that “drip” is used more often than “drippin” to describe how someone looks......for example, when someone looks really good in their clothes people would say stuff like:

-She’s got (that) drip 🔥
-His drip is on point (or “on fleek”, which is another new age term) 👌

And when somebody doesn’t look too stylish in their clothes, some new agers would say:

-Nah he’s got no drip 😕
-Where’s the drip? 🧐

These are all just random examples I’m pulling out my memory😂
I’ve never actually seen anybody use “drippin” but I’m 100% sure that it’s used

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