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    2. The circumstance of religion in Japan is different from any other countries. Generally, one country has national religion and the most of the citizens of the country belong to that religion. But Japan does not have that kind of religion at the moment. Instead, you can see the fusion of religion in this country. There are many events regarding various religions, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Obon, Omisoka, Setsubun, Juugoya, Shichi-Go-San, etc. You can say that it looks like sukiyaki of religion. Many people pay a visit to both shrines and temples. One recent study showed that one in three people could not explain the difference between Shintoism and Buddhism. Most of the Japanese people equate Shintoism with Buddhism. However, such a circumstance has been seen since the Nara period. At that time, they mixed up Shintoism and Buddhism. That was said the syncretistic fusion of Shintoism and Buddhism, You can see zinnguzi: a temple which is located in shrine. or sinnzenndokyou: monk read sutra in front of shrine. So historically speaking, it is not unnatural to see that kind of phenomenon in japan. But recently, such phenomenon has been expanding. Many of the Japanese people enjoy a Christian religious celebration named Easter in one amusement park, but most of them do not know the derivation of the event. A friend of mine did not know that Easter is a religious event, which made me surprised. It may sometimes be rude not to know the event adequately when you join such religious events. Without knowing the background or derivation of the event, you may not truely enjoy the event.

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