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Q: What does dumbass mean?
A: Someone who is extremely stupid.
Q: What does dumbass mean?
A: That you're r stupid
Q: What does you dumbass edgelord mean?
A: dumbass = idiot, stupid person (profanity).

edgelord = This is internet slang...

"edgy" describes a person who does or believes things for shock value or to go against what is most common. You could call a teenager "edgy" if they are trying to be rebellious and break rules to seem like they are smart and cool or really different and unique. A person who tries to be controversial is edgy.

lord = literally, a ruler or a king. In "edgelord" it's just a funny way to say that the person is VERY edgy.

Edgelord, edgemaster = same thing. Just funny internet slang ways to say someone is stupid and uncool when they are trying to be cool and smart.

"you dumbass edgelord" = "You are an idiot who thinks they are smart and cool but you are just trying too hard to seem intelligent and I think you're stupid."
Q: What does dumbass mean?
A: "you're such an idiot"
Q: What does "speak dumbass" in 838 mean?
A: It's like saying "dumbass" is this person's language. The person speaking is basically saying, "I'll understand your joke because I understand how stupid people think," as an insult.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with dumbass.
A: dumbass is a sort of insult so it would be used in the context of "oh your such a dumbass"
don't use the sentence lightly cause it can be offensive

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Q: What is the difference between dumbass and butthead and dunce ?
A: @more_potatoes

Butthead - rude
Dunce - ruder
Dumbass - the rudest !!!
Q: What is the difference between dumbass and stupidass ?
A: they both have the same meaning

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? dumbass
A: "Dumbass", pronounced "dohmb-ehass" or "dohmb-ahs"

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce dumbass.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Y’all dumbass motherfucker Does this sound natural?
A: "Ya'll
not "Yo'll"

And make sure to add "are" after ya'll if you want it to be a proper sentence
Q: Please show me how to pronounce dumbass and dummy.
A: You can listen to these words on the Oxford Learner's Dictionary.

Q: I don't like being advised by the dumbasses around me Does this sound natural?
A: This not only sounds natural, but I could have said it myself! :)
Q: A: are you dumbass?
B: sure thing! Does this sound natural?
A: are you dumb ? (are you a dumbass)

but normally you dont agree to being called a dumbass so like: no im not.
obviously not.
no, are you?
... etc would be more natural

unless u wanna make people laugh then its ok

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