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I have to have earplugs in my ears when I go to bed. My sister comes home late every night because of her job. Does this sound natural?
A: i think you could also say” wear earplugs”.
Q: I always sleep with earplugs because the sound of cars is noisy outside my apartment. Does this sound natural?
A: only thing i would do is swap the words around.

"i always sleep with earplugs on because the sound of cars outside my apartment is noisy"
Q: These earplugs will drown out any noises. Does this sound natural?
A: That doesn't really make sense. I think you are trying to say:

Our primitive instincts can drown out the voice of our conscience.
Q: I had the earplugs ready, Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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