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Q: What does Ebooks Are So Yesterday mean?
A: Ebooks are not that popular or trendy anymore.

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Q: What is the difference between Ebooks are way cheaper than printed materials. and Ebooks are cheaper than printed materials. ?
A: They basically mean the same thing. The only difference is that the “way cheaper” in the first sentence makes it seem like there is a more significant price difference between eBooks and printed materials.

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Q: Ebooks gradually have spread into society, but I guess quite a few people still like normal books.
Digital books have become popular over the years, whereas I guess not a few people still care for printed ones. Does this sound natural?

E-books have gradually spread throughout society, but I guess quite a few people still prefer regular books. Digital books gained popularity over the years, but I think many people still prefer printed (books/ones).
Q: Ebooks can be read more easily than paperbased books. Does this sound natural?
A: E-books are easier to read than regular books.
Q: Ebooks are good to the environment. Does this sound natural?
A: 'Ebooks are good for the environment' would sound better :)

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