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    2. It has its regular meaning, just as you said -- parks, cafes, the cinema, etc. There's nothing different about its meaning in that particular phrase.

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    2. "In public" is anywhere outside of the home, in a public shared space. That could be a theatre, a restaurant, the sidewalk, etc.

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    2. etc. Means and so on.

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    2. There is some jam on the table ........................................... There are different kinds of jam on the table

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    2. 1. MASS vs COUNT NOUNS: - MASS NOUNS - nouns that can't be counted/nouns that have no definite amount. Mass nouns CANNOT be counted by numbers. [ i.e, substances, quality, ALL abstract nouns are mass nouns ] +; WATER is a noun; it's a mass noun because it cannot be counted, although it can me measured, "1 glass of water.." I can't say.. "1 piece of water.." Can I? the quantity is INDEFINITE. +; FEELING(s) is an abstract noun; intangible noun. I could be talking about 1 person but 1 person can have more than just one feeling and that is not something I can simply count by., 1, 2, 3… , the quantity is INDEFINITE. +; HAIR is a mass noun. Why? Hair can be counted by hand but will you ever be sure about how many strands there were in one scalp? the quantity is INDEFINITE, therefore it's a mass noun. + RICE is a mass noun. I can count every grain but you can't give me a definite quantity of those grains … "200 grains of rice per pack" sounds weird right? Instead, you'd say., "1 kilogram of rice." - COUNT NOUNS - nouns that CAN be counted by numbers, hand. The quantity is DEFINITE. +; INFORMATION(s) - information is a count noun, I could be sure that there were 2 or 3 or even 100 informationS in one subject; it can be scanned, it can be counted by hand.. The quantity is DEFINITE. +; BLANKET(S) - I can count if there were 20 or more blankets in one bed, I can count them by hands, count them by numbers because the quantity is DEFINITE. 2. "Surf the internet" vs "Surf of the internet" Both are roughly the same but "Surf on the internet" is a more precise manner of saying it. 3. "Leak" Past participle of "Leak" is still "leak" I made a little mistake in there, it should be "can leak your informations.." +; YOU CAN ONLY USE THE PAST PARTICIPLE OF A VERB IF YOU ARE PUTTING IT IN THE "PAST/PERFECT TENSE. [ i.e, "Have gone," / "Had left" ] - Past perfect tense - used when talking about events in the past that happened before another event in the past. [ i.e, "She had left when you arrived." // implies that "you" arrived soon after "she left" ] - Present perfect tense - used when talking about events in the past that happened very very recently before another event in the past [ i.e, "I have finished my homework when you arrived." // implies that "I" finished the homework very recently just when you arrived. ] +; if you are going to say., "CAN" + verb.. YOU NEED TO USE THE PRESENT TENSE OF THE VERB. [ i.e, "Can go.." / "Can ask.." ] 4. Again, MASS NOUNS are nouns that DO NOT have a definite quantity. "Research" is a count noun. It has a definite quantity. 5. A SINGULAR NOUN ALWAYS, ALWAYS NEED A MODIFIER. - AN apple - A bag - A rainbow

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