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Q: What does effectiveness mean?
A: Sự hiệu quả
The effectiveness of this system is you're are not scare of being tracked any more
Q: What does lasting effectiveness without which no basic norm is presupposed mean?
A: Lasting effectiveness
Q: What does Given the limited effectiveness of interventions to date, new approaches are needed. mean?
A: It means this current method (intervention) are not useful, a more useful method is required.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with effectiveness.
A: Some important antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to overuse.

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Q: What is the difference between effectiveness and efficiency ?
A: Effectiveness is how well something works.

Efficiency is more of how well something performs without waste.

The antidote’s effectiveness was proven by the 100% survival rate in mice.

The worker was fired based on his poor efficiency; he rarely made mistakes but it took him hours to complete one assignment.
Q: What is the difference between An effectiveness of anesthesia is slow. and An effect of anesthesia is slow. ?
A: The first sentence, using effectiveness, doesn't really feel natural. Effectiveness refers to the ability to do a job, in this case, how well it numbs pain. The second sentence is much more natural, meaning the anesthesia takes a long time to work.
Q: What is the difference between an effectiveness of anesthesia and an effect of anesthesia ?
A: @Tomo97:
The effectiveness of the car's brakes was tested at high speed.
A reduced fever was the effect of the medicine.
Q: What is the difference between effectiveness and efficacy ?
A: Effectiveness comes from the word "effect".
Efficiency* comes from the word "efficient" they have very different meanings.
Effect is 效果.
对不起我不知道 "efficiency" 的华文翻译。

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Q: I was wondering about the effectiveness of acquiring words between the NY Times and vocabulary textbooks. does this sound natural?
A: when you’re speaking, it’s good to avoid long words, and use as few words as you can. I would say

“I was wondering whether it would be better to learn new words from the New York Times or vocabulary textbooks.”
Q: the effectiveness of the plan was hampered by members' interpersonal conflicts. does this sound natural?
A: Perfect - very, very formal though.
Q: "effectiveness, except, economy, electric" does this sound natural?
A: So Good 😳
Q: Unfortunately, its effectiveness depends, to a great extent, on the skill of the specialist who performs the examination, and the way they will interpret the picture. does this sound natural?
A: Unfortunately, the effectiveness greatly depends on the skills of a specialist who can perform the examination and interpret the picture. (Do you mean x-ray?)
Q: Calculate effectiveness does this sound natural?
A: 'Evaluate' may be more common

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