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Q: Please show me example sentences with electrical .
A: Undergraduate courses in electrical engineering are divided into three stages: Core, Breadth, and Depth.
Every electrical appliance needs electrical power to work.
The steam is used to drive electrical generators.
A sudden electrical black-out made the entire house in panic.

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Q: What is the difference between electrical and electric ?
A: Please plug the dryer into the electrical outlet.

He is studying Electrical Engineering.

The performance was electric.

Please pay your electric bill today.

Q: What is the difference between electrical and electric ?
A: This one's a tough one 😂
"Electric" refers to something that runs on electricity (eg. An electric guitar). It can also be used figuratively (eg. The night was electric)
"Electrical" is used in a more general sense and refers to something that is just related to electricity (eg. An electrical engineer)
I hope I have explained myself well enough!
Q: What is the difference between electrical and electric ?
A: Electric modifies nouns that are powered by electricity: electric blanket, electric guitar, electric car, etc. Electrical is more about the type of or method of power generation: electrical engineering, electrical power, electrical system. That being said, the power company is usually called the electric company rather than electrical.
Q: What is the difference between electrical and electronic ?
A: Electrical is directly relating to electricity or the raw use of electricity (wires, lightning, static, outlets). Electronic is more about developed technology that runs off of electricity (devices, electronic dictionaries, robots, etc)

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Q: electrical does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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