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Q: What is the difference between electric/electrical and electronic ?
A: electric/electrical = describes anything that uses or has some electricity involved
electric eel
electrical storm
electric toaster

electronic = usually refers to machines or parts which use electrical components to perform a function. I don't know the scientific definition, which is more complex.
Q: What is the difference between electronic, electric and electrical ?
A: electrical means any appliance that carries electricity for eg i have electrical phone charger
Q: What is the difference between electronic and electric and electrical ?
A: "electronic" means it's to do with electronics - that is, technology which is very complicated, usually computerised, and assembled from lots and lots of very small or even microscopic parts. A computer is electronic. A fridge or a washing machine is electrical, but (unless it has a computer on board) is not usually electronic.

"Electric" and "electrical" are much more similar, but in practice, there are far fewer cases when you would use electrical.
Q: What is the difference between electronic and electronical ?
A: 'Electronical' is not a word (:
Q: What is the difference between electronic and electric and electrical ?
A: Electronic: more advanced devices like cell phones, televisions, digital watches, etc. If it has a circuit board, it's electronic.

Electric: simpler devices (usually tools) that use electricity, like an electric razor, toothbrush, guitar, oven or motor (and, by extension, even a car). Think 'something that has electricity passing through it.'

Electrical: something that pertains to electricity, but which doesn't necessarily utilize electricity itself. "Electrical tape" is a good example - it's non-conductive, so it's used to tape electrical wires (which themselves are not considered "electric" because they do not use the electricity, but merely carry it).

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