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    2. "elementary education"

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    2. 1.) Capitalize all the letters that start off a sentence. Also capitalize 'I' because it is a noun that is you similar to that of a name. 2.) Read what I said at 1.) Dude, this horrible, lol but I'll try and help. "I've never kept a rabbit nor a snake as a pet. To keep a snake as a pet would be dangerous." Read this sentence that I wrote. You have many things to learn still in regards to English. 3.) "I've learned how to ride a bicycle by my mom when I was little." Dude, you have to capitalize the beginning of the letter in a sentence. Read more about English grammar and correct English syntax because this is just horrible! 4.) "I will build a tree house for my three year old nephew." You don't say "years" when you're describing someone else's age. 5.) What the heck is an "artucles"? 6.) Capitalize your sentences, dude. 7.) Capitalize your sentences, dude. 8.) "My aunt's husband didn't used to collect foreign money but now he collects it" This sounds horrible. However, I was nice and I put "a little unnatural". If you can buy or for free read English grammar and syntax books.

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    2. @overrunie I wouldn’t say that "graded" is "wrong"; but it sounds more like what we do with beef, eggs, apples, wood, etc. when we grade them into quality levels depending on size, fat, moisture content, how many knots or blemishes there are, and so on. "To grade" is not the most natural or common term (at least as a verb in the passive) in today's English, for talking about how one groups children in school. As to schools, in English, “grades” as a noun can be (1) a mostly age-based or at least age-correlated, age-defaulted, division or sorting into progressive levels of difficulty, grades 1 through 6,7, or 8 for elementary (with "junior high" for grades 7 & 8 in some systems, also sometimes including 9), and 9-12 (or 10-12) for high school, where usually the grade plus five equals a child's age; or (2) evaluations, assessments, or scores of the quality of performance on tests and work (typically from A as best to F as worst, or sometimes by numbers). But those scores aren't typically the basis of formal groupings or sortings of pupils into separate classes as such. In any typical class, in any grade whether second grade or 8th grade, etc., some kids will get mostly high scores (grades), and some mostly low, and most will get in-between scores (grades). So instead of "the element[a]ry pupils were graded into 5 levels[;] the lowest ones had to have 1 hour detention everyday", I'd suggest: "The elementary[-school|-age] pupils were [divided|sorted|grouped] into five [levels|grades] on the basis of [name the rankable basis here: age, smarts, whatever]. The lowest [

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    2. ​‎Adult: Junior high school students and older Child: Elementary school students and younger

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