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    2. "She showed a lot of enthusiasm." "He could not contain his enthusiasm." "They did not show much enthusiasm."

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    2. Enthusiasm is more of an excitement of something while passion is the deep and strong emotion, usually love, felt towards something or someone.

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    2. I'm so excited! My favorite actress, Rachel Mcadams, touched down in Tokyo yesteday, and I'm super stoked. She's appearing in the premier for SPOTLIGHT, which is coming out soon! I'm definitely going to watch it in the theatre. Stuff like this always gets me going and it boosts my motivation and enthusiasum to the max. YAY! I LOVE Rachel!

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    2. Alright, I suppose if I had a chance to describe a superstar in my country, I would probably select Tuan Hung, who is a talented singer, songwriter as well as my idol. Now concerning the matter of who this person is, the thing that needs to be mentioned here would be that he has made it to the top all because of his unending perseverance. He used to be a dancer and got out of his way to become a singer. His enthusiasum for singing has always been burning inside him. In 2013, he participated in a singing contest and made it to the top 3. He hasn’t taken advantage of nepotism like other artists in the entertainment industry, which makes me really admire him given that surviving in this competition is not easy at all. On the top of that, most of his performances are so dazzling that almost no audience could keep an eye off him. Up to now, I can surely say that he has gained a well deserved reputation for himself for all his hard work. With regard to the reason why Tuan Hung is an important celebrity, you really have to understand that many people including well known directors and producers appreciates Tuan Hung’s professionalism, especially his integrity and punctuality. On the top of that, he is a good example of a celebrity who not only is serious with his career but also contributes greatly to the community through various charitable activities.

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