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    2. Generally speaking, I would say that mass media has a plethora of pros and cons. First and foremost, I would like to mention the news. It stands to reason that the main purpose of mass media is to keep us up to date with the most current events of the world. For this end, not only can we watch TV but we also can consult an array of websites. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance that we take with a pinch of salt what we read' since we can find that some sites are unreliable and can provide biased information. In addition, it is crystal clear that some powerful people use their influence to manipulate the mass media. As far as entertainment is concerned I would say that there is no denying the fact that never before have we seen such a wide range of entertainment forms. Not only can we watch a myriad of programs on TV, but there are also a wide range of things to do on the Internet. On the other hand, we are bombarded by a great deal of advertising that tries to entice us to purchase products that on many occasions we even do not need. In regard to education, I would like to highlight the fact that nowadays we can study in the comfort of our houses. Firstly, on the internet there are several courses that cover many topics. We can also find exercises to practice what we have learned. Secondly, in view to the fact that there are many people who are devoid of time, many colleges provide virtual education. Last but certainly not least, there are forums where we can post our queries and answer other people's questions. In a nutshell, I would say that there is no doubt that the advantages vastly outweigh the downsides.

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